Life Coach

“Coaching is a conversation with a purpose, also a space where someone can think through what is going on for them/an opportunity to do ‘great thinking’’ (Starr 2008)

What is life coaching?

A Life coach is a trained and certified professional who helps clients to take action oriented steps toward the development and realization of their goals, vision and dreams. Coaching , empowers you to find solutions, build skills to make the changes needed to live your best life.  

How can a life coach help me?

 Life Coaching  can help you to take your life, career, vocation, or business to the next level.  Many successful business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists look to a life coach for their guidance and expertise.   This collaborative relationship will offer you the necessary tools, support, and structure, needed to make changes in your life or career. Are you ready yo take the next step? 

Life Coach

My Approach to Life Coaching

 Determining the kind of coaching style that is needed, depends on what outcomes the client hopes to achieve, and how they wish to get there.  My coaching approach is a collaborative process,  I use a variety of coaching styles, including mindfulness, solution focused, vision, and democratic approaches;  as well as  offer action-oriented techniques, guidance and support to help clients overcome real and perceived barriers to achieving their goals.  

Areas of Speciality

-  Career Reconstruction

Together we will explore and map out a plan to help you achieve your dream career. We will Identify your skills and how these skills can be retooled to maximize your future career potential.  If  you believe your dream job/career does not exist- let us explore the possibilities.

-Academic Distress among higher education

-50% of doctoral candidates do not complete their program.  I work with candidates who wish to  rehabilitate their dissertation.  We will identify support resources and as the life coach, I  can introduce structured accountability. In some cases, a  student may decide to resign from their academic commits and is looking ways to resign with dignity. Together we can create a path to retool  your skills and/or revising your career pursuits.

-  Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Artists

I have enjoyed working with talented individuals who are reluctant to start  their your own business, afraid of failing and/or need structure and accountability to launch their dreams.  Creating a career/ life that is sustainable and rewarding is the ultimate goal. 

Virtual Access

Offering virtual access to Life Coaching expertise that can assist the client to find their own solutions, develop their own skills,  change their own behaviors and attitudes, and  take the next steps in their career or life pursuits.                     

Nancy Curotto,Psy.D Life Coach

*** "You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward" *** Roy T. Bennett

Unlock the future you have always dreamed of achieving !

* Life Coaching is not coverage under most major health insurance carriers

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